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"Confront your fears and they

will be your fears  no longer. "

                                              Coach Sara

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What people are saying: 

"Before working with Sara, I had no way of really illustrating my thoughts and emotions. I had the privilege to learn how to combine art and her verbal guidance to portray my thoughts and be expressive. That exercise has made me see the vision of my future and the meaning I give to things happening both to me and for me. Sara has been a gift of insight and I enjoy watching her impact people in a very special way.  Coaches are great if they are passionate and impactful, that’s exactly how I see Sara.”

Troy Aberle; Executive Coach

"My coaching with Sara was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  When I started working with Sara, I had a story that I had lived with in my life for over 40 years.  Through her coaching and the art that I created from her coaching I experienced break through after break through. She helped me be accountable and showed me I can be creative, artist and learn all at the same time….and have fun!  Through the process with her I not only found my beliefs surrounding my story and the definition I had given those stories changed, I also found peace and joy again. I would recommend Sara for anyone wanting to make changes in their life and also to those who want to express themselves through art."

Laurie Lester; Manager

"Sara made gentle advice about how I needed to believe in myself and my business. She provided tremendous support in my growth both personally and professionally. Sara cares about people and she is passionate about helping others. She connected with me emotionally and helped me identify my emotional pain points."    

Cassie Ferrer; Financial Coach

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