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Here and Now

Last weekend I spent some time with my Son. He is twenty-four, an organized businessman with dedicated work ethics, and a heart of gold. About 6 months ago he recommended a book that discusses the concept of slowing down to enjoy life in each moment. Getting the most out of each day by pausing not thinking of the next step, the past or things to do. He knows me too well. He had such an eloquent way of telling me that my overthinking lifestyle was preventing me from experiencing life. In tandem. God has a unique way of bringing home a message. I received similar suggestions from my sphere of influences this week. To be honest, I have spent a life of reacting, doing, and going after the next goal. Enjoying each moment and day has been a luxury I craved.

This thought process started in my early twenties. As a single mom I remember taking my children to school then rushing through the day to complete my business tasks (a house cleaning business). I knew I had to pick them up at a certain time. The repeated day after day mental training of being more efficient rehearsing in my mind what task needed to be completed next created some positive and negative habits. Having this type of thought process served me well when I worked in a Manufacturing factory for 11 years. However, when you incorporate this mentality into relationships and self-care it can be hard to relax and be patient.

I am so grateful I can learn from my past and have wonderful people in my life to remind me of what really matters in life.

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