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Love and Connection

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

One of the six human needs is Love and Connection. Most of us have felt love in one way or another. A deep adoration, feeling or emotion that sweeps over us unexpectant or built over time. There are several forms of love. A family bond, a friendship, passion, or unconditional. It is hard to grasp a life being disregarded as a child who may have grown up without parents or some type of family not having been loved. However, it does happen.

We all have this deep need inside to feel connected to the world. A belonging. A heritage. A legacy. A meaning for living and contributing to the world around us. Some may not know how to put into words, others may obsess about it. Obsess over a lost love, unrequited love or a love unreturned. Have you ever thought why we might want something we cannot have? Why do people have affairs? Why do people rape or harm others? We go a lifetime of wanting this need but do not know how to create a healthy relationship of give and take. A mutual respect. A divine purpose.

Like every human need, there are healthy and unhealthy ways of getting this need met. As alluded to earlier. Do you find yourself keeping people at a distance? Creating rules around your relationships that are hard for anyone to get "right"? Have you isolated yourself? If someone wrongs you, do you find yourself isolating from them? Afraid to be vulnerable trying again?

It may be time to start understanding your closest relationships to be more fulfilled. For me love has taken many forms. It has taken me a long time to understand unconditional love. Loving someone without expecting anything in return. The purest form of love.

If you want to brainstorm on how to help improve your relationships, schedule a complimentary free meeting with me I would love to help you find fulfilment in your relationships!

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