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Salute to 2020

The year that caused businesses, cities, and families to derail. Our hearts have been sized by news feeds where people have experienced heartache, loss, and trauma like none has seen before. My heart is heavy for those who have lost everything. If you are like me, you try to see the positive in everything. Everything happens for a reason, right? Can there be anything good out of this rubble? Yes, there can. When we take a step back and look at the 50,000-view level.

What 2020 gave us.

#1 Resourcefulness; This year changed what "Working from Home" means. Creative parents and business owners had some of their most profitable year. A few days ago, I spoke with such a man who made $300,000 this year and is set up to 10x his income in 2021. He learned to become an expert in his field of photography and took people staying home as an opportunity to meet their needs. I have countless other friends who started network marketing businesses or a "side gig". For the first time ever having two or more streams of income became the edge that preserved many homes by providing food on the table.

#2 An appreciation that tomorrow is not guaranteed; I witnessed firsthand where my community came together to support each other. If one family had a need for diapers or services others pitched in. Strangers helping strangers becoming family. For me, each moment I spent with family was that much more special because of the uncertainty of tomorrow. I have gained a healthy respect for savoring each moment and memory.

#3 Time; It caused us all to pause. Staying home, minimizing travel, time spent in public.

Parents were able to get time with their children. Schools, sports, and extracurricular activities were at a standstill. Forcing many to spend time with each other, bonds were created that would not have been before. I saw kids playing in the street all the time getting fresh air.

#4 An appreciation for a good haircut. Need I say more?

My hope is you can come up with a list of your own to salute 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms. Out of everything 2020 has taught me, learning that I can face such opposition and stay smiling. I know I can face anything.

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