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The Need for Uncertainty or Variety

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Variety, the spice of life! Have you ever wondered how a seemingly happy couple ended things after just a few months? Or a job that seemed to be a "Dream come true" after time became dull? Have you ever felt bored at work in a relationship or tired of the same old thing?! Me too. That is because we both have a need inside for uncertainty. Believe it or not we can have this need met in a healthy or unhealthy way.

Being spontaneous, trying a new restaurant or traveling to a new destination are all healthy ways to experience the need for variety. A person who drinks a little too much, tries a new drug or gets into random arguments is getting this need met in an unhealthy way.

This can manifest in our career by attending seminars, training events, or challenging our growth by meeting new people and networking. Even driving to work a different way can add variety to your daily routine.

In relationships you can help meet this need by planning a surprise get away, gift, or even have a different type of date night like going to the dollar store and picking out one thing the other person must wear the rest of the night, or go on a scavenger hunt.

Be creative! There are many ways to get this need met in a healthy way. You will be surprised at how refreshing it can be to ensure this is met.

If you want to brainstorm on how to help improve your relationships or life in this way, please schedule a complimentary free meet and greet meeting with me found on my contact page. I would love to help you live your best life!

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