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The Need to Grow

Spring on the Palouse is one of my favorite times of the year. The rich farmland comes alive with miles of rolling green hills. The days are longer. Songbirds sing their happy tunes celebrating life. At first you might not notice the dead trees or flowers blooming but every year you cannot hold back the changing of the seasons.

The need for growth is one of our six human needs. Quoting Tony Robbins "If you're not growing, you're dying. If a relationship is not growing, if a business is not growing, if you are not growing, it does not matter how much money you have in the bank, how many friends you have, how many people love you—you are not going to experience real fulfillment. And the reason we grow, I believe, is so we have something of value to give."

Just like spring there is a season with everything in life. Your own personal growth, relationships and career need care and nurturing to grow. In your life this might look like learning something new. An activity like kayaking or reading a book about a topic you have always been curious about. You could attend a retreat or take an online class. Youtubers have become rich because of this need. With a relationship as it progresses through different stages increasing intimacy and connection. Even our children grow quickly - sometimes it seems they will never be able to walk but before you know it, they are riding a bike or driving a car! At work this may manifest by learning a new technique, skill, or trade.

If you feel stagnant in any of your key area's you might spend some time nurturing your need for growth.

If you want to brainstorm on how to implement the need for growth, schedule a complimentary free meeting with me at this link

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