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What's the biggest $6 Trillion Dollar A Day Insustry?

If you guessed Foreign Exchange Trading you guessed right! Let us talk about one of those forbidden subjects, Money.

If you are like me, you were raised in middle class America. Taught that blood sweat, and tears paid your bills - without much extra. You had parents who worked hard or maybe were raised in a single parent home. You may have visions of winning the lottery traveling the world and buying that dream house. Dreams. As reality sinks in that you are a bound to the time clock. Bound to restrictions... you want FREEDOM. Are you tired of letting others control your financial future? The whim of the economy? Are you frustrated that you must work 2 - 3 jobs just to pay the bills? So was I.

I have been poor, and I have been rich however wealth is a mindset. Some of the happiest people in the world are the poorest. What is their secret? Contentment and gratitude. You might ask why more money, aren't you just being greedy? Didn't Jesus reflect he lay his head on a stone? That is a good question. Why have more money? Having wealth just amplifies what you already have inside. It brings out more of who you are at your core. If you are generous you will be able to help more people. If you are Greedy, you will never have enough money. Learning contentment and gratitude are key whether poor or wealthy.

Once you learn the "flow" of money that it is just an exchange of energy. A payment for services or product you will let go of the control it has on you. Last year I read a great book recommended by my financial coach "Happy Money" by Ken Honda. In this book I learned that if I look at paying my bills as a chore or have a negative emotion around it that amplifies more of the experience and I always look at paying my bills negatively. When that time of the month comes around, I get anxiety and it perpetuates. HOWEVER, if you change that pattern and have positive emotions around paying your bills being GRATEFUL you have the means to pay them. Your feeling of gratefulness grows. It is the flow of money.

About a year ago a friend I trusted shared how some of his friends were cashing in on this lucrative industry. I was skeptical because "I'm not educated" trading takes time, careful research, and calculated investing. It sounded way too complicated for a girl who is not technical. Since I trusted my friend, and liked what I learned about the company, I made the decision to learn more. I went to an informational meeting watched the videos and realized with the simple system I could do it too. What I love the most about it is I am in control of my money they just provide training, tools, and a platform to watch LIVE traders who have grown their accounts by 99%. With consistent disciplined risk management, I am learning how to make my dreams come true. For more information follow the link below.

Money does not grow on trees it is made from them.

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