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Coaching With Sara

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How can you find healing through art?

Like you 2020 was a pivotal year for Sara. Through years of trauma and grief turning to Art was a way for her to find healing. In late 2020 her business was birthed. Utilizing years of communication, leadership and self-development training she created a program to help others heal too.


“Art is an expression. A lot of people say they cannot paint but once I explain I have only been painting for 5 years and reveal art has no rules, it gives them freedom to release and create.” It is everything inside that is expressed in her art. The joy, peace, fun, love, pain, sorrow, loss, and lessons. Although she has spent months on some paintings and a few hours on others it is her big heart that always shines through. “I am not an expert and definitely no Picasso but like everything else in life I go all in, giving it my best. Art has become not only a hobby but something I can encourage others with. If I can overcome the obstacles I have faced, you can too. ‘Confront your fears and they won’t be your fears anymore’ is one of my favorite quotes in which I encompass in my mission with hopes to one day start a non-profit for Single Parents.”

Sara hosts online group art classes, does one on one coaching while selling art and individualized paintings for customers. Her art classes and coaching integrate art with self-development, meeting clientele where they are. Moving from feeling stuck to having hope.

Schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet to connect with me on my contact page.  I am looking forward to meeting you!

Disclaimer: By participating in my coaching services, consulting sessions, buying any of my products, and reading my blog, guidelines, handouts, e-books, or email series, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals.

Meet and Greet


30 Minutes

Let's connect, I'd love to get to know you better.   


$25 a session or four sessions at $75 four sessions

Meet Weekly

1 Hour

Join a weekly online group meeting in a casual format.  Where you will enjoy painting, having fun, and open dialogue. 

Courageous Masterpiece Series

Ask about pricing

6 Weeks

Learn how to quickly liberate yourself in six weeks. Helping you heal through art and self-development. Through this unique process Sara meets you where you are at. Utilizing a program, she created to process her own grief and frustration from years of heartache and trauma.

Courageous Retreat (6 people) 

Ask about pricing

Week 2021


This is a condensed course of the Courageous Masterpiece Series PLUS optional Qigong morning exercises.  (Flight and lodging not included) 

Group (5 or less) 6 months

Ask about pricing



Join this weekly small group where we will discuss a variety of topics; related to emotional, physical mental and spiritual health.  

1 on 1 Private Coaching

Ask about pricing

3 Months

If you are ready to have better communication and overall well-being.  Sara will personalize a coaching series where you will experience YOUR  next level. 

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