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My Guardian Angels Gift: Do you feel like someone is always watching out for you? Moments of grace where if you had gone a different direction your life would be different?


My Guardian Angels Gift was created over a six-month period between July of 2020 to January of 2021. It took a while for this painting to reveal itself. The original is the largest canvas I have worked with 24" x 36". I remember that night as I playfully danced to Latina music and sipped on a glass of Cab Sav. A moment of self-love which has been rare in my life. Interestingly the next six months were full of revelations concerning love. I learned hard lessons about letting go and finding inner peace. Through it all my Angels continued to guide me. Guide me to love. During a guided meditation I pictured my Angel giving me a gift of unconditional love. This painting is a reminder for me to love others with the love I have been given. Unconditionally.


I hope you enjoy a copy of the original printed on Archival Matte Art Paper.

My Guardian Angels Gift

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