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Uncharted Waters: This painting enraptures all the fun I had with Shane. It was for me uncharted waters. I had never explored the world like I had with him and had never been in a relationship before with someone who was so caring and inspiring. It was all new to me. This painting was created in the fall of 2020 it was my way of capturing the fun and memories of this relationship.


The inspiration for this picture was from a vacation in the Bahamas we took on Christmas Day 2018. After the passing of my Father that year I told Shane I needed happy memories, so we went here. It was the first time I had been to the beautiful Bahamas.  We learned a lot of lessons and had a great time. One of the lessons we learned was to reserve a rental car ahead of time! We unexpectedly had our rental car taken from us.  After a few days without a car we were able to rent mopeds and drove over 70 miles up and down the Island we were on. Quite the adventure as driving laws and road maintenance are VASTLY different than I was used to.


I hope you enjoy a copy of the original printed on Archival Matte Art Paper.

Uncharted Waters

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