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Meet Sara

Sara is a public speaker, author and intuitive artist. She has a unique past of loss, heartache, and trauma, Art has become her release "Sometimes you just can't find the words to express what you are going through. Art is a place to find freedom. A realm where there are no rules.” As a featured artist at several events, she never shies away from encouraging others to keep going, discovering for themselves there is hope of a brighter future.

With 22 years of leadership experience, co-author of two books and extensive training in communication. Having invested thousands of dollars and hours in self-development, including Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins. Multiple coaches ranging from mindset, finances, business to energy healing. Certified at Decker Communications with ‘Communicate to Influence’. And attended over 10 workshops with Master Co including Healers Mastery learning Pranic Healing.

Her business was founded in 2020 and has a knack for helping others get unstuck in the grief process. With her many events, online courses and classes you are sure to become unstuck as well.

Her mission and vision are to create multiple non-profits, for example with single parents helping others on their healing journey.

Are you ready to transform during each season of your life? Attend one of her inspiring events or online courses to review at your own pace.

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