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Ready to liberate your soul & smile again with this online course?

More Benefits 

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In this course you can go at your own pace. 


Traditional talk therapy typically involves weekly sessions

that last about an hour each.


This time commitment may be difficult for

individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer more flexible approaches to

mental health care.


Your time and schedule are valuable.


Talk therapy can be expensive, especially if sessions are not covered by insurance. Additionally, finding a qualified therapist who specializes in your specific needs may be challenging, particularly in areas with limited mental health resources.


Some individuals may feel uncomfortable or resistant to opening up to a therapist about their thoughts and feelings. This reluctance can impede progress in therapy and may lead to dissatisfaction with the therapeutic process.

Included! Download your personal forgiveness journal with guided prompts and exercises that will gently guide you through the process, allowing you to release resentment, bitterness, and anger, and make room for compassion, empathy, and inner peace.


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