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200%: I was inspired to create 200% while reading a book called "The Big Leap" in spring 2020.  Page 87 talks about understanding arguments. If each person understands they own 100% of the responsibility it takes each person giving 100% equaling 200%.


Reading this was revolutionary. It is easy to blame the other person but if we realize when we are fully responsible for our behavior, actions, perspective and how we show up then we begin to live on purpose.


2020 was a year of upheaval for many and one of the most divisive years in history. Friends and family took a stand, communities were fighting, and our nation faced hardships. 200% captures the hope that people will take 100% responsibility for their actions in every situation. This was painted during the time communities were locked down and Covid's effects had not been understood. A time of uncertainty.


My message to the owner of this painting is we cannot control anything except our response, how we react to uncertainty in our world and relationships. I hope you enjoy this one and only original on stretched canvas with metallic highlights.


SKU: 200%
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