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Grief: This is the hardest painting I have created to date representing my Father’s funeral. The painting itself was so powerful it would induce feelings of anger and grief when I looked at it. I had to set it aside because it brought up so much emotion in me. It helped release all the emotions I had been hiding from and not facing. Finding healing. It took several days to complete as a result.


The setting is by my Mother and Fathers graveside.  Each bird represents a family member. The Eagle is my Son a regal leader. Raven, my daughter, unique and transformative. My Brother, a mountain Blue Bird, the Idaho state bird. Representing our roots and upbringing. My Aunt, a Hummingbird a family favorite. Me a Dove, a messenger and Shane a Song Sparrow, with a song always on his heart.


If ths painting speaks to you, a copy of the original will be printed on Archival Matte Art Paper and sent to you.  



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