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It's been a while, how are you? I hope you had an amazing holiday season. I thought I would jump on here and give you an update, sharing some things I have been working on behind the scenes, my healing journey and future projects.

What's new? A LOT. My whole life has changed from jobs, relationships to even location. My new life has transpired and taken flight and I am having fun! Mid 2022 I knew God was telling me I was too comfortable and shook things up with an unexpected break - up, estranged relationships, a best friend passing and text from my landlord telling me he was selling the condo I lived in.

I knew it was time to move but wasn't sure where (other than the ocean was calling my name). So I started what I call my "leap of faith journey" putting everything in storage while living in Air B and B's. I'll share more in future blogs about how that has transpired and going. I am excited for the opportunities, people and places discovered along the way. Finding "Home".

I had some great opportunities last year. A local farmers Market, Art events, and hosting art classes. And was even featured as a local artist from my hometown making the front page in the newspaper!

I started posing weekly YouTube videos sharing FREE coaching content. You can find a lot of tools I have learned along the way to help me heal from past trauma and improve mindset. There are also some cool interviews with people who I have directly worked with along this journey. My personal chiropractor, hypnotherapist, and mentors. I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am today if it weren't for these and many other supportive people.

TicTok has also been an outlet where I encourage my audience to have courage and do the right thing. I hesitated turning to TicTok for a long time but enjoy the easy way to encourage others while traveling and have reached a larger audience.

Travel was a big part of 2022. I went from sea to shining sea and beyond. With 7 different states, 3 countries and many modes of transportation. Amongst this was 5 weeks in Italy at 8 different locations and 11 modes of transportation. Stay tuned for my next E-Book where I share strategies of how to travel solo on a budget safely.

It has been fun meeting new people and the feedback has been encouraging to keep going, sharing my story. Finding healing through loss has become a lifelong mission. My goal is to help others find healing too.

Which is what brings us to my current and future projects. This week I published my first E-Book! A 34 page Poem book, which gives insight into my simple way of looking at life, love and play. This is the first of several E-books to help encourage others and can be purchased right from my website and easily downloaded.

Writing my next book "My Courageous Travel Tips for Italy!"

The last several months have sparked so much creativity there are several idea's brewing. All revolving around health and healing. I am switching gears more towards speaking, writing and encouragement vs. art. My passion is to restore health in others with a goal of removing the crippling effects trauma can have.

Stay tuned for future updates. AND when I find "Home" I am having a big party, you are invited! There will be bubbles, a bouncy castle, balloons and some bubbly. On a beach of course!

In the meantime here are a few pictures of the last few months. Keep smiling and live in the sunshine!

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We all long for true love. A love that stands by you through all of life's difficulties but are you willing to do what it takes?

If finding THE ONE wasn't hard enough. Throw in different personalities, love languages, greatest needs and previous relationships! Relationships take work but if you are picky and raise your standards that work is worth it.

Sometimes people are supposed to be in your life for just a season others a lifetime. In this weeks YouTube message I share some thoughts on this sought after subject.

The best approach? Love Unconditionally but don't put up with anything less than you deserve!

Check out the tools below to discover what you needs are in relationships!

What is your Love Language? Take this test

What is your greatest need? Take this test

What is your personality? Take this test

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This was a fun interview where I discuss a little more about myself and the chapter I wrote in "Messages to my younger self". Loved being a part of authoring this book with sixteen amazing women around the world.

Click here to check out the podcast.

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